Show MEI Elementary Library a little love

We are grateful to the team of Parent Volunteers for organizing this year’s Book Fair!

We hope you have an opportunity to come by this week and take a look to purchase for yourself, a gift to someone you know or a gift to a MEI Elementary classroom.

Tuesday November 27th
8am – 9am & 2pm -3pm

Wednesday November 28th
8am – 9am & 2pm – 3pm

Thursday November 29th
8am – 9am & 2pm – 8pm (Parent Teacher Interviews)

*Time may change here due to a lack of volunteers so please consider contacting Amanda ( to sign up and help!

Friday November 30th
8:30am – 12:00noon (Parent Teach Interviews)


Books are priced starting around $5
Posters($5), Pencils ($1) and Erasers ($0.50)

Please note we will be able to accept, Debit, Mastercard and Visa along with cash and cheque (made payable to MEI Elementary PAC)

All proceeds going directly to MEI Elementary School library, plus a tithe to send books abroad for Missions.

Our goal is to put 500 new books in the MEI Elementary library and send 100 new books abroad.

Looking for another way to get involved and support MEI Elementary Library? We have asked each teacher to make a selection of books that they would love to have in their classrooms. Starting Tuesday morning, outside of each classroom door you will find a pocket with Wish Cards in them and you can bring this to the book fair if you would like to purchase on behalf of your family for the classroom (there are special gift tags that go inside each book). If you have forgotten the card, not to worry – we will also have a copy of the wish list at the book fair.


See you at the Fair!

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