“So many books, so little time”

Frank Zappa

Well guys, it is the middle of April already!  Where did the school year go?  I can’t believe that this school year will be over in only 2 ½ months.  Mary Poppins is starting, the weather is mild, and on a lazy afternoon, nothing is better than a good book and a chair in the sunshine!

Good things are always happening in our library!  Whether you are here to find a book, study for a test, do research for an assignment, or play a card game with your friends, you are always welcome!  We are blessed to have many student helpers, and love that our library is a fun place to hang out!

We are always looking for new books to offer in our library.  If you know of a book you think students would be interested in reading, use the “Suggest a book” tab at the top of the page!

A new shipment of books is coming soon. Keep your eye on the “New Stuff!” to see what will soon be available!

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