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Cress Cress By Marissa Meyer

I recently read this third book in The Lunar Chronicles.  It is a tale of rescue and intrigue reminiscent of Rapunzel, with recurring characters from Cinder (Cinderella) and Scarlet (beauty and the beast meets red riding hood).

Cress is a young woman, having been imprisoned by an evil (of course) captor, and forced to use her gifts for nefarious purposes.  Having been abandoned by her parents and told society would never accept her, unable to call for help, she throws herself into her work, and immerses herself in stories and tales.  When an opportunity to ask for help finally arrives, she seizes it with both hands.  The rescue doesn’t go as planned, although she is soon living her own tale.

This book helps us to understand what Cinder is truly facing as she attempts to overthrow Levana as ruler of the Lunars, and the origin of the plague the Earthens are facing comes to light, as we follow Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress through their tale.

The fourth book, Winter, is due to come out in November of this year, and is to hold the tale of the Queen Levana’s stepdaughter, Princess Winter.

These books speak to discrimination, racism, and doing what is right, even when it is hard and the consequences dire.

Written by: CP

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