“So many books, so little time”

Frank Zappa

Well guys, it is the middle of April already!  Where did the school year go?  I can’t believe that this school year will be over in only 2 ½ months.  Mary Poppins is starting, the weather is mild, and on a lazy afternoon, nothing is better than a good book and a chair in the sunshine!

Good things are always happening in our library!  Whether you are here to find a book, study for a test, do research for an assignment, or play a card game with your friends, you are always welcome!  We are blessed to have many student helpers, and love that our library is a fun place to hang out!

We are always looking for new books to offer in our library.  If you know of a book you think students would be interested in reading, use the “Suggest a book” tab at the top of the page!

A new shipment of books is coming soon. Keep your eye on the “New Stuff!” to see what will soon be available!

LIFE TO THE MAX in 2014!


I hope everyone enjoyed their summer break!

This is going to be a GREAT year! It has already had a busy start with students signing out textbooks last week. If you signed out textbooks you were given a Textbook Condition Form to record any damage you found in the textbooks. It is very important for you to fill the form out carefully and hand it in by the end of September as it will save you from having to pay for damage you didn’t do!! Hand them in by September 15th if you want a chance to win a prize! This week we will be going over what is new in the library and there will also be an orientation for all grade 6 classes. Your regular library times have been scheduled so I will see you all this week!

Year end announcements

Summer is almost here!!

Here are a few announcements and important dates to remember:

  • All library materials are due back on JUNE 11. Everything must be returned and all fines paid before you can get your yearbook at the end of the year. The yearbooks are always AMAZING so don’t miss out!
  • NEW EVENT! For the first time the middle school will have a second half off fine day (for overdue fines only) this will be on Friday, JUNE 13! Please check your account to see if you have any overdue items (fines will not be totaled until they are returned). If you have fines for research books or if there are any problems with your account please come see me right away.
  • Textbooks can be returned when your teacher says to return them. A table will be set up in the library for each grade. Please remember to take out ALL your papers and erase any pencil marks.
    • Fines for damages (not written on the Textbook Condition Form) will be added to your account so check BEFORE Thursday, JUNE 19!
    • Textbooks returned after JUNE 17 will automatically be marked as lost and will show up as a fine. But don’t worry! The fine will be removed once the textbook has been checked in (some classes will be using their textbooks until the 19th)
  • NO YEARBOOK LISTS will once again be posted outside the library and on the first floor starting Wednesday, JUNE 18. Make sure your name is not on it! If it is check your account to see why!
  • An email will be sent to parents of students with outstanding fines on JUNE 18. If you do not have an email on file please check your account.


Welcome Back!

If you took books out before Spring Break, they are due back today (March 31st) please remember to renew or return them to avoid fines!

The library will be closed at 3pm on Wednesday April 2nd.



Spring Break FinesHalf off fine day is back and is now extended to two days!

Pay only half of your overdue fines on March 3rd and 4th.

Unfortunately, the half off fine deal only applies to overdue fees. Fines for lost or damaged materials must be paid in full by the end of the school year.

Overdue notices will be handed out during the last week of February. Please note that overdue fines increase daily until the item is returned or renewed. The notice will also include current fine (and other) information so please read it carefully. Check your library account to see if you have anything that is currently overdue or if you have fines for books used for school projects. You can see this information under the “my info” tab once you log into your account in the “MEI Secondary Library” catalog. The login for your library account is the same login you use for school computers. If you have any questions regarding your fines please see Mrs. Harris BEFORE March 3rd. The library is open during the nutrition break, after the eating period, as well as before and after school. You can also click on the orange “Hello ask the librarian” button to email me.


Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Remember that all library items are due back today. Please renew or return them today or tomorrow to avoid fines!

There are lots of new books ready to be signed out so check out the “New” shelf when you come to the library, or check out the “New Stuff” widget on the left of this page.




It is that time of year… you can take out 10 books during the Christmas break! They will be due January 6th unless you renew them from home. Come check out the “New” shelf to see all the books that are ready to be signed out!


For those of you who have read the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John A. Flanagan, The Royal Ranger (book 12) is now in! Log in to your account and put it on hold.