So Many Books, So Little Time!

There are several new authors to check out in the Middle School Library, such Canadian author Rachel Devenish Ford and her World Whisperer series. In this poignant, yet hopeful tale, orphaned siblings find their purpose and true identity while trying to keep evil from taking over the magical kingdom of Maween.

The Mark of the Raven book by Morgan L. Busse is another young adult book that will not disappoint. Every Great House has its own special gift, except the Ravenwood House, or so the other Great Houses are led to believe…will the Great Houses come together and use their gifts to protect their kingdom before it is too late?

Also, famous Canadian author Eric Walter’s book 90 Days of Different is on the shelf. This story revolves around a young lady whose friend challenges her to try 90 different things after her boyfriend dumps her for being “boring”.

Favourite authors are back, like the Bravelands series by Erin Hunter, My Life in Pink and Green series books #2 and #3 by Lisa Greenwald, and the new Menagerie series by Tui T. Sutherland and her sister Kari Sutherland. The latest Priscilla Shirer books Prince Warriors books #3 and #4 are back as well.

There are so many books to talk about, but come to the library to see all the variety, and pick up a 40 Book Challenge form while you are at it! See you at the Library!

40 Book Challenge

Happy New Year! What better time of year (than at the beginning) to challenge yourself by reading books of different genres?! For every 10 books you read, you get a prize. You must take books out from MEI Middle School Library in order to qualify. Please see Mrs. Burritt to pick up your form so you can keep track of your reading.

1/2 Off Fine Days

The week before Christmas Break, Library Fines will be 1/2 off! Please check your library account, and see if you owe anything.

Also, there are unclaimed yearbooks (from last year) in the Library due to fines not being paid. This is a good time to get your yearbook. Merry Christmas!

*This does not include fines for lost or damaged goods.*

Library Fines? Help Yourself and Others!

From December 10th-14th you will be able to pay off your overdue fines by donating canned/non-perishable goods to the library. $1 per item will be taken from your late fines, and all goods will be donated to the local food bank.

You will not only lower your amount owed to the library, but help out those in need this Christmas Season.


Eric Walters Author Visit

On December 6th, 2018, we will be hosting the Canadian author, Eric Walters, who was once a teacher and has now written over 94 novels! While he was teaching, he saw that many students had trouble finding books they liked, so he decided to write his own stories! Like most writers, Walters has taken inspiration from everyday life, and also tries to experience the unusual challenges his characters face so he can write authentically from their perspective.

Check out the “Eric Walters Author Visit Countdown” book display on the library! I would encourage you to check out his books, so you can ask him the many questions I’m sure he is willing to answer!

Please be courteous and welcoming to this amazing author! 

Quilling Club!

At lunch time in the library we have a Quilling Club. Quilling is the act of curling and shaping paper into desired forms to create an image. Almost two whole months of school have gone by, and I am really impressed with the artwork that is coming from the students. Here is an example of one of many beautiful pieces students have done in the library:

The Quilling Club is open every lunch time in the Library! So if you want to give Quilling a try, or have started a piece and would like to finish it, you are more than welcome to come by!