Welcome to the 2015-16 school year!!

I hope everyone had a great summer! sun

A few announcements:

Textbooks will be signed out during the first week of school. Please take time to fill out the online Textbook Condition Form. This ensures you will not pay for damage to your textbook that you did not do. Submit your form BEFORE September 18 for a chance to win a prize!

The library will be closed during the lunch break this week, regular library times/hours will start next week.  **Please note: the library will be closed after school a couple times each month for meetings. Dates will be announced.

Check out the links on the side for information on how to access your library and Office 365 accounts, library hours, the Textbook Condition Form, suggest a book and much more! Also, check out the Library Thing widget (under the links on the left) to see the new books as they are added to the library collection.

Remember to check your library account regularly and renew or return your library items. Fines add up quickly but you can renew your books from home so let us aim for a fine free year!



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